EV vs. Gas Vehicle Comparison

EV vs. Gas Vehicle Comparison

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Have you heard how much cheaper it is to operate an electric vehicle compared to a gasoline vehicle? Even if you have, you may not really appreciate just how much the difference actually is. Check out this short video as I illustrate the difference in a visual manner.

To keep the video short and to the point I left out a few important points:

  1. The outside temperature was -7C with a wind-chill of about -14C during the two trips in the vehicles. This shows just how marginal cold temperatures affect the driving efficiency and therefore the range of an electric vehicle.
  2. At the time of filming the video, the price of gas was much lower than it has been for a very long time. A more reasonable estimate for gas costs over a year would have been $1.20/L which would increase the annual gas costs to almost $2,600.
  3. The operating costs of a vehicle should include annual maintenance costs to reflect the total costs of operation. Check out my other blog posts on why EVs have much less maintenance than an ICE vehicle. Again for simplicity, I left out maintenance costs in this illustration.

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