Why Electric?


Save up to 5.1 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions per year by driving electric! EV’s produce ZERO tailpipe emissions, using clean, sustainable hydropower to energize the vehicle! Currently Newfoundland consumes about 80% renewable energy. Once Lower Churchill Falls comes online in a few years, the province will be close to 100% renewable, making Newfoundland and Labrador one of the cleanest grids in the world!


EV’s have a lot fewer moving parts and components than fossil fuel vehicles and require no oil or filter changes. Generally, all EV's only require a routine annual check-up. Most traditional vehicles require maintenance every 5,000kms, while EV's typically require maintenance every 20,000kms.


EVs are six times less expensive than a traditional gas vehicle! It costs less than $400 a year driving on clean electricity while it would cost approximately $2,200 a year on gas. To put it in perspective, it costs about $2.00 to drive 100km in an EV.


The electric motor makes little noise and produces a smooth ride with no shifting of gears.


An affordable charging station installed at your home provides a convenient way to charge or “top-up” as needed. As more chargers are installed across Newfoundland and Labrador, you will be able to charge on the run while you shop, dine, and are out and about. Currently, there are approximately 60 Charging Stations throughout the province of NL!


Current common-model electric vehicles have a range of around 150-480km (dependent on make, road conditions etc.) However, considering the average driver travels less than 50 km a day, an EV will fit most lifestyles and day-to-day commutes. EV’s also have regenerative breaking, feeding energy back into the battery, increasing their range. EV's such as the Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR have gas generator as a secondary mode for longer drives… perfect for people who have a cabin out of town!


Depending on your EV’s acceptance rate and the size of charger you use, you can expect about 30km-100km of drive range per hour of charging. Most EV owners charge overnight and wake up with an eco-friendly EV ready to go every morning, with as much effort as it takes to charge your cell phone!


Although the initial purchase price of some EVs can be higher than fossil fuel-powered vehicles, long-term fuel savings, minimal maintenance and increased vehicle performance over-time assures that your EV is a great investment. This also boasts a high resale value. View our vehicle selection here: https://www.greenrockevs.com/collections/vehicles